As a Muslim it can be hard to find somewhere that caters to your needs, especially food wise. Eating halal can be a struggle when looking for somewhere that is not a hot, greasy chicken and chips takeaway shop. I mean yes London is known for it’s PFC’s (Perfect Fried Chicken), Morley’s and Sam’s. However sometimes a lunch that consists of fighting 4ft humans in school uniform inside a cramp 4 x 4 square meter space and leaving with an unfriendly companion that clings to our clothes called chip fat, just doesn’t seems like the best idea.

No need to keep searching “Best halal restaurant” or “Halal restaurants in London”. Bintang gives you a taste of beautiful East Asia, and it’s all permissible. Take your pick from halal Filipino, halal Korean, halal Chinese, halal Thai and halal Japanese cuisines and if you want to try a bit of everything and really pleasure those taste buds, then that is an experience we can definitely give you and food is more than reasonably priced.

We are the first of our kind to serve aromatic duck and aromatic lamb ribs. Still craving chicken? Well we have the very popular Filipino chicken wings which is cripsy meat wrapped in sweet adobo sauce and other chicken based dishes like our “signature ‘Bintang curry’.

This is  not only a great spot for you art admiring Mipsters (Muslim hipsters) but also a great place for the family. It’s beautifully lite and intimate enough to actually have a conversation.

You can find us in Camden Town, just a 6 minute walk from Camden Town Station on Kentish Town road

omar shah